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The South New Zealand Conference is the family of Seventh-day Adventist churches, schools and facilities located in the South Island of New Zealand. Through 22 churches, 2 schools and 3 accommodation facilities we strive to prepare the community within the South Island for the return of Jesus Christ.

The South New Zealand Conference exists to facilitate effective leadership, provide administration support and deliver quality resources and services to enhance the ministry of our churches and institutions in proclaiming the everlasting gospel in the context of the three angel's message of Revelation 14.

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Staff list includes office staff and field staff.



Includes Constitution and governing committees. (ie. Executive, Appointments and Nominating Committees)


Strategic Plan

View summary of the strategic plan towards 2015.


Constituency Meeting

The next Constituency Meeting will be held September 2013.
More information will be available closer to the event.


Our Beliefs

Seventh-day Adventists accept the Bible as their only creed and hold certain fundamental beliefs to be the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. These beliefs constitute the church's understanding and expression of the teaching of Scripture.


Committees & Ministry Coordinators

Committees and Ministry Coordinators in addition to those involved in Governance. Committees are appointed following a constituency meeting for a three year term. Ministry coordinators are appointed on an annual basis or as directed by the Executive Committee.


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