Sunday 17 to Friday 22 April 2016
Ilam Adventist Church, 24 Ilam Road, Christchurch


For anyone seeking to make an impact for God's kingdom, Amazing Facts' AFOCE to Go training offers dynamic outreach instruction that gives you the confidence to seek out and win souls for Christ, anytime and anywhere - while increasing your Bible knowledge and empowering you to discover God's will for your life.

This affordable, inspiring training focuses on the following areas:

1. Christ-centered friendship evangelism
2. Answering objections
3. Giving dynamic Bible studies
4. Gaining decision for Christ
5. Setting your church on an evangelism cycle
6. Reclaiming lost members
and much more!

Is there a better time than now to be a part of God's last-day movement? Be a part of this powerful training and reach your community for Christ today!

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