Camp Meeting 2008


Adult Program   
Friday 18th Evening Pr Craig Gillis Play
Saturday 19th Sabbath School Pr Neil Thompson Play
  Divine Service Pr Graeme Bradford Play
Sunday 20th Evening Pr John Carter Play
Monday 21st Evening Pr John Carter Play
Tuesday 22nd Evening Pr John Carter Play
Wednesday 23rd Evening Pr John Carter Play
Thursday 24th Evening Pr John Carter Play
Friday 25th Evening Pr John Carter Play
Saturday 26th Divine Service Pr John Carter Play
Prayer Seminar   
 Monday 21st    Ben Rea Play
 Tuesday 22nd    Dr Paul Petersen Play
 Wednesday 23rd    Dr Paul Petersen Play
 Thursday 24th    Dr Paul Petersen Play
 Friday 25th    Dr Paul Petersen Play
Witnessing Seminar
Monday 21st   Kevin Geelan Play
Tuesday 22nd   Kevin Geelan Play
Wednesday 23rd   Kevin Geelan Play
 Thursday 24th   Kevin Geelan Play
Friday 25th   Kevin Geelan Play
Why Be a Seventh-day Adventist Seminar  
Monday 21st   Pr Graeme Bradford Play
Tuesday 22nd   Pr Graeme Bradford Play
Wednesday 23rd   Pr Graeme Bradford Play
Thursday 24th   Pr Graeme Bradford Play
Friday 25th   Pr Graeme Bradford Play


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