Children's Sabbath

Children's Sabbath is a yearly program designed to promote awareness of children's needs and our responsibility to meeting their needs as a church. Children's Sabbath is traditionally scheduled for the first Sabbath in October. However, many churches enjoy having Children's Sabbath programs more often.


2013 - November 2

Investigating the Answers to Life’s Questions in God’s Word. The young child today needs to find the truth for themselves and then be guided to apply it to their lives. In this day and age bullying, death, terrorism, and abuse all influence our children. They can actively see the earth "moaning and groaning."So what can we offer them to quell their fears and give them the promise of a solid, certain future? Read on! This children’s Sabbath program focuses on the truths that are easily found, yet so profound for life today—truths such as being fearless, protected, preserved for heaven.Presenting this program to your church will not only teach the children the truths of the Bible but also present these same truths to the adults.  What better way to share the truths of God’s providence than through the leading of a child?

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2012 - October 6
Ready To Go!

This program this year shows that you are never too young to share the love of Jesus. Our prayer is that your children will feel empowered to witness to others and that your adults will encourage them to use the gifts God has given them.

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Be Like Jesus!

'Be Like Jesus!' is an extension, an emphasis, on the Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2011 program 'Go Fishin'. This is a great way to bring back the community kids that participated in your VBS to come back in October and join the fun in planning a powerful Children's Sabbath Worship.

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Speak, Lord! I'm Listening

Throughout history God has repeatedly called children into service for Him. Age is inconsequential when it comes to the calling of the Holy Spirit and the ability of a child to be obedient and respond to God's voice. Our heavenly Father goes to great lengths to save us and to reach us, whether we are a child or an adult. It is our duty and priviledge to say, 'Speak Lord! I'm ready to listen'.

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We Want to Go!...Tell the World of Jesus' Love!

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