Your Ministry in the Local Church

Ministry Description Brochures for the Seventh-day Adventsit Church, South Pacific Division

The Ministry Description Brochures of "Your Ministry in the Local Church" are a series of leaflets produced by the South Pacific Division. They cover the offices and major volunteer assignments in the local church. The purpose of these brochures is to place in the hands of the church member the basic information about the role and function of a particular church office or volunteer responsibility that he or she has accepted or is considering. Each 6-page brochure is designed to be read quickly. The information is practical and concise and it is placed in the context of a spiritual foundation for church life. The brochures are called 'ministry description' and not job descriptions in order to underline the spiritual nature of church duties and offices. Every church leader is called to minister to people, not just to do a job.

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Ministry of the Church and its Departments

Ministry of the Church Board
Ministry of the Elder
Minister of the Deacon and Deaconess
Ministry of the Treasurer
Ministry of the Church Clerk
Ministry of Greeting
Ministry of Hospitality
Ministry of Ushering
Ministry of the Communication Secretary
Ministry of the Education Secretary
Ministry of the Family Life Leader
Ministry of the Health Secretary
Ministry of the Religious Liberty Secretary
Ministry of the Stewartship Secretary
Ministry of the Singles Coordinator
Ministry of the Social Committee
Ministry of the Small Group Leader
Ministry of Visitation
Ministry of the Church Librarian
Ministry of the Children's Coordinator
Ministry of the Worship Committee
Ministry of the Nominating Committee

Sabbath School Ministry

Ministry of Coordinating the Sabbath School (Sabbath School Superintendent)
Ministry of Teaching in the Adult Sabbath School
Ministry of the Investment Secretary
Ministry of Directing a Children's Sabbath School
Ministry of Assisting in a Children's Sabbath School
Ministry of Teaching in a Children's Sabbath School
Ministry of Directing a Teen Sabbath School
Ministry of Assisting in a Teen Sabbath School
Ministry of Directing the Youth/Young Adult Sabbath School
Ministry of Assisting in the Youth/Young Adult Sabbath School

Youth Ministry

Ministry of the Pathfinder Director
Ministry of the Youth/Young Adult Leader

Outreach Ministry

Ministry of Coordinating Outreach (Personal Ministries Leader)
Ministry of Bible Studies
Ministry of Lay Evangelist
Ministry of Potential Member Coordinator
Ministry of the Seminar Coordinator
Ministry of the Community Services Leader
Ministry of the Community Services Volunteer
Ministry of the Inner City Coordinator

Church School Ministry

Ministry of the Home and School President
Ministry of the School Board Chairperson
Ministyr of the School Board Member

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