Committees & Ministry Coordinators


The committees below do not include committees elected at Constituency Meetings. For these committee refer to Governance.

Camp Planning Committee

  • Pr Damien Rice
  • Melissa Savage
  • plus ad hoc members as requested

Lake Lyndon Lodge Management Committee

  • John Parrett (Chairman)
  • Faye Levett (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Earl Hasse (Bookings)
  • Warren Ashby
  • Chris Keegan
  • Tristan Parrett
  • Michael Proud
  • Robert Rolston
  • Lois Shears
  • Mark Sowerby

Mt Hutt Retreat Management Committee

  • Mike Robinson (Chairman)
  • Stephen Kennelly (Caretaker)
  • Pr Damien Rice
  • Kathleen Bowman
  • Paul Devine
  • Andrew Gillard
  • Chris Keegan
  • Christine Keegan
  • Mark Sowerby

Pascoe Park Management Committee

  • Owen Saunders (Chairman)
  • Scott Cameron (Caretaker)
  • Pr Grant Burton (Camp Meeting Superintendant)
  • Pr Damien Rice
  • Stacey Hogan
  • Earl Hasse
  • Fraser Mackintosh
  • Mike Proud

Ministry Coordinators

Men's Ministry Coordinator -Mark Sowerby

Prayer Ministry Coordinator - Pr Ben Rea

Prison & Hospital Ministry Coordinator - Jim Stokes

Senior Ministry Coordinator - Janelle McNeil

Women's Ministry Coordinator - Glenda Locop


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