The South New Zealand Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is governed by a Constitution. The latest Constitution was adopted by the Constituency Meeting held September 2010. (An updated version adopted October 2013 will be added as time permits.)

Constitutency Meetings are held on a triennial basis with the next meeting scheduled for 2016.

The Conference Executive Committee is re-elected at each Constituency Meeting. The Executive Committee is delegated the authority to act on behalf of the constituents and manage the affairs of the Conference.

Executive Committee


  • Pr Damien Rice (Chairman)
  • Mr Paul Devine (Secretary)
  • Mrs Brigid Peddie (Treasurer)

Church Employees

  • Pr Grant Burton
  • Mr Ray Moaga
  • Pr Ben Rea

Lay Persons

  • Miss Ruby Tiavolo
  • Mrs Elizabeth Brown
  • Mr John Edilson
  • Mrs Tracey Ling
  • Mr Owen Saunders

Appointments Committee

  • Executive Committee Members

Nominating Committee

  • Appointments Committee



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