Ilam Lodge Endowment + Evangelism Funds

Funding Process

Request For Funding

Applicants apply for funding for projects.

To apply for funding, applicants must use the Funding Application Form, listing on it each project that funding is being applied for. For each project listed, a Project Funding Request Form must be submitted with the application form. (Due 30 September)

Funding Criteria

Funding Allocation Executive Committee allocates funding to certain projects. 
Release of Funds

For projects that are allocated funding, applications can either:
a. receive 50% of the funding up front when the project is about to be undertaken then request reimbursement for the remaining funding spent once the project is completed, or
b. request reimbursement for the full amount of funding spent on the project once completed.

A Reimbursement Request Form must be used to request reimbursement on completion of the project. Also a report on the completed project using a Project Report Form must accompany the reimbursement request.

Unspent Funding

Any unspent funding will lapse after 30 September in the year that funding was allocated to, unless a request for the funding to be carried forward is received before or on that date.

To request that funding does not lapse, a report on the progress of the project needs to be submitted using the Project Report Form.

Reallocation of Funding

Funding allocated to a project cannot be used for a different project, without first getting approval from the Executive Committee.

A request for reallocation of funding can be made by letter to the Executive Committee.

Application Forms  

Funding Application Form  Download



Project Funding Request Form  Download


Reporting Forms

Project Report Form  Download    
Reimbursement Request Form  Download    


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