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Grow with God monthly Bible readings.



30 Minutes of Prayer for 30 Days monthly bible reading and prayer resource.

10 Days of Prayer

777 - Worldwide Holy Spirit Prayer Fellowship

Seventh-day Adventists are praying seven days a week at 7 am and 7 pm for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit's power and presence. Praying any hour on the hour a person will join with thousands of others in another time zone around the world bringing unity.

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Week of Prayer Readings

2014 Senior Youth Week of Prayer

2014 Junior Youth Week of Prayer


Miscellaneous Handouts

Experiencing God Through Prayer & Praise

Handout presented by Jerry and Janet Page at South New Zealand Conference Leaders Summit 2010.


Possibilities for Prayer Ministry in Your Home Church

Becoming a Prayer Mobilizer

3 Ways to Involve the Entire Church in Prayer, Bible Study & Ministry

See Women's Ministries for other Prayer Resources




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