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Prayer Requests

Please pray for little Alex, a delightful boy who may have a rare but terrible neurological condition that is damaging his brain that is untreatable by any medication.  Please pray for urgent divine healing from our wonderful Creator and willing healer, Jesus.    Graham (March 2013)

Please pray and remember my family back in Vanuatu, my study , and I have a special prayer request which I want God to give me and answer on my special need, He knows
what the need is. I believe and trust GOD, nothing is impossible with him. Belinda (February 2013)

Prayer for my older brother, Elijah, 36 years old, who's suffering Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer) was stage 2 last December when it was first diagnosed. Still struggling with a lot of issues apart from his health. He's in the Philippines. Zis (December 2012)

[from Jamaica] I have been harassed, threatened and slandered by criminals claiming to be police and relatives of a man nicknamed 'Rollie'. This man was a neighbour and tried to get physical with me, and when I refused and later spoke him privately in a safe place about how disappointed I was, he insulted me in public. Then people in the community [apparently his friends and relatives] began to insult me as they passed my house in daylight, and stake out my house at night, shouting death threats etc. I moved and people began stalking me day & night with death threats, insults, slander etc. Then they began a crude form of white noise torture, which they claimed would drive me to suicide or insanity, because I dissed their relative. God has kept me sane & working relatively well, but the pressure is intense and the daily slander affects my job. I have reported the matter for over seven months, but the crude torture and harassment has continued for over 14 months. The laws here [Jamaica] are not yet strengthened to deal with stalking and the stalkers claim to be police and untouchable. There is much corruption here too, unfortunately. Please pray God stops these evil men and women who have followed me over three hours [driving] across the country to threaten to rape, kill, etc me, because they claim I dissed their relative. Joi (December 2012)

Please pray for our slow recovery from the death of our son and other ongoing hardships and sorrows. Bill and Carol (October 2012)

Please pray that I may be able to put God first then everything else after, and may He heal me in all areas of my life, especially my spiritual walk with Jesus, my elbow and arthritis and my finances. Thank you, in Jesus name, Amen. Eric (September 2012)

Thanks for prayers for Peter Emms. Cancer is found to be operative with follow up treatments. Please contineu to pray for healing and a re-awakening of spritual truths in his life. Geoff (September 2012)

Please pray for Ann Clark from Dunedin, who is undergoing aggressive chemo for aggressive cancer. Diane (August 2012)

Please pray for Jean. She desperately needs to find work and needs God’s blessing in her life to help her get through some troubling times. Margaret (August 2012)

Please pray for my Dad, Neville Ferguson in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.  He has returned home from 3 weeks in hospital after numerous tests on his lungs.  He has been suffering for over a year with lung problems - pain in his side, fluid on the lung, dramatic weight loss, no energy, etc.  The doctors have noticed a thickening/growth of the lung plural (lining of the lung).  While in hospital they performed numerous biopsys which came back clear.  The surgeons then decided to cut him open to take a bigger sample of the lung.  These tests also came back clear.  The doctors, however, are convinced it looks like cancer but are battling to prove it.  My dad is in a tremendous amount of pain and has lost  a lot of weight.  We are still not sure what the cause of all these problems are.  Please pray for his recovery. Lexi (August 2012)

I have been off antidepressants for two years after 18 years of being on them thanks to help from Adventist Health promotions like CHIP but just going through a rough patch. Please pray for wisdom to know what I need to do for further healing. Julia (August 2012)

Please pray for Audrey Hagen who has undergone surgery to remove a kidney because of cancer. Nell (August 2012)

Please pray for Peter Emms and his wife. Peter is undergoing examination for possible bowel cancer. Geoff (August 2012) - See update to this prayer request above in September 2012.

Greetings! Kindly pray for me and my sister that we may get a job in our Adventist institution. Both of us are nurses. Neena (July 2012)

As a long-time Christian, I am ashamed to say this, but I am really, really struggling with unbelief in the power of the Holy Spirit in my life. I have always had a fear that I will reject/have rejected Him, and I am afraid that this unbelief will cost my salvation. Shane (July 2012) - See result of this prayer request in 'Answered Prayer Testimony'

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