REACH Christchurch 2013

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What is Reach Christchurch 2013?

Reach is an urban evangelism strategy being developed as part of the world church’s Mission to Big Cities.  Christchurch was the city selected in our Union to received special funding from the General Conference to help our congregations reach the people of Christchurch.  Reach is the umbrella for all of the programs, initiatives and strategies that are being implemented in Christchurch this year.

What is the strategy?

This is a long term strategy to help our church be more intentional and effective in reaching out.  In order to reach the city we need greater collaboration between churches, large scale initiatives as well as healthy churches and functioning small group communities to nurture people.   Public Evangelism & Community Witness play a part.  However serving and connecting our community and those we have personal contact is vital.  In addition to this on going work we also need to nurture new people to maturity in Christ and active involvement in the life and mission of the church.

Who is Involved?

Last year a number of planning meetings were held with the NZPUC.  We have since met with church representatives in Christchurch.  Every church has pledged their support for the program.  We are providing resources and training opportunities to involve every person who is willing.  We hope that includes you!

What is the Last Empire?

This is the name and brand of the public evangelism series that will be held in four locations around the city with top evangelists from the South Pacific: 

  • Hornby Church Plant - Pr Gary Webster
  • Samoan Community - Pr Olivé Dean
  • Northern - Pr John Noel Adeline
  • Eastern - Pr Gary Webster

How can I get involved and support?

Pray for your church, the city, your friends, neighbours, the programs etc.  Fill out a volunteer card to assist with the Last Empire programs.  Support events with your attendance.  Invite & bring a friend.  Help Letterbox & deliver DVD’s.  Give financially through your tithe envelope, pledge card or online at

Find out more by talking to your pastor, outreach team or visiting


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