Towards 2015 Strategic Plan Tools

 “To be a caring church that knows, experiences and shares our hope in Jesus Christ.” This is the vision of the General Conference, South Pacific Division, New Zealand Pacific Union Conference, and the South New Zealand Conference (SNZC) Seventh-day Adventist Church.

To enable this vision to become a reality, SNZC has adopted a Strategic Plan with five key strategies. Below are listed practical tools for local churches to use to put these strategies into action.  Each of the five key strategies are followed by a list of resources that are available via the SNZC website, SNZC Resource Library, or New Millennium Books. If you come across other resources that you have found helpful, please contact SNZC administration and share.

You will note that many of the resources are linked to various other websites where they can be downloaded free of charge, while others need to be purchased. Please respect all copyright laws.

I express sincere and heartfelt thanks for all those who have contributed in creating such Spirit-filled resources, that will equip each of us to fulfil our purpose, “To make disciples for Jesus Christ of all peoples, communicating the everlasting gospel in the context of the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14:6-12”.

Pr Craig Gillis
President SNZC

Reach Up

Growing Spirituality - Call all to spiritual renewal through dynamic personal and corporate intercessory prayer, fasting, bible study and intentional spiritual growth within small groups.


Title Description

Teach Me to Pray
published by Adventist Media Network
(Online Bible Study Course)

In a stressful world, we all need a connection to a higher power beyond ourselves. This course is to introduce you to a God who cares for you, and to show you how to talk with him through the power of personal prayer. This course will guide you into the life changing experience that prayer can bring into your life. Each topic will deepen your experience and will show you a loving God who is just longing to be a part of your life.

40 Days: Prayer and Devotions to prepare for the Second Coming
by Dennis Smith
(Book 1)

Do you desire a more meaningful study and prayer life?
Do you feel the need to reach out to others for Christ?
If so, this book contains 40 days of devotional studies designed to strengthen your relationship with Christ and enable you to lead others to Him.

Loan from the SNZ Conference Resource Library or purchase from New Millennium Books

40 Days: Prayer and Devotions to Revive your Experience with God
by Dennis Smith
(Book 2)

As you commit to 40 days of personal devotional study and prayer, your prayer life will become more consistent and effective, your faith will grow as you witness answered prayers, and your connection with fellow believers will deepen. In the style of 40 Days: Prayer and Devotions to Prepare for the Second Coming, this book can help revive the spiritual experience of individuals, small groups, and entire churches.

Loan from the SNZ Conference Resource Library or purchase from New Millennium Books

God’s Promises
compiled by Pr Ben Rea

God wants to change your life for the better. Choose a life of speaking out His promises and reminding Him of what He said. This resource is full of God’s wonderful promises Commit them to memory.

Prayer Pointers
by Ben Maxon

This practical seminar focuses on the importance of prayer and gives pointers for strengthening daily prayer life with new ideas and methods.

The Radical Prayer
by Derek Morris

Are you willing to give God permission to revolutionize your life and leave you amazed at the results? Discover the incredibly powerful prayer that enables God to change the world--through you.

Loan from the Conference Resource Library or purchase from New Millennium Books.

Experiencing God Through Prayer & Praise
by J & J Paige

A great resource to help you to grow in your personal walk with Christ.


Title Description

Bible Marking Studies
by Justin Lawman

These Bible studies are designed as a “chain reference” Bible marking series. This means that each study focuses on one theme or teaching, and then explores the topic through a variety of Bible verses. Bible marking is a good way to learn the Bible, and is also known as the “proof text method.”

Adventist Discovery Centre Study Courses
(Online Study Courses)

Adventist Discovery Centre has a variety of studies based upon scripture that can be done online.

Come Alive with Jesus & Stay Alive With Jesus
(Study Courses to download)

Come Alive with Jesus, and Stay Alive with Jesus, can be downloaded and printed to share with people.

Small Groups

Title Description

Participation Plus- Leading Dynamic Small Groups
by Laurel Ansell
Document  (1.2MB)

The purpose of this small group leader’s manual is to equip you with the tools necessary to be a Christlike leader. Jesus gave us the initial role model. Now we are able to follow His example and be the catalyst, transforming Christians into fully devoted disciples of Jesus. This manual will assist small group leaders to lead effective small groups.

Reach Out


Equipping - Equipping our members with the knowledge and skills to ‘Tell the World’ about Jesus Christ.

Public and Personal Evangelism - Calling the entire SNZC family to become involved in evangelism, public and personal, each according to his or her Spiritual Gift. It also includes us being a friendly church, putting Christ’s mission first, inviting all peoples to fellowship and making a difference through service to the community.

Evangelism Training

Title Description

Friend 2 Friend
(Seminar Kit)

Learn how to befriend people and lead them to Jesus through friendship.

Loan from the SNZ Conference Resource Library or purchase from AUC Resource Centre.

Winsome Witnessing
by Gary Gibbs

Here you will learn simple skills to lead people to Christ, insights to revitalize your church, a proven strategy to give interesting Bible studies, and much more. This practical manual is sure to energize your relationship with God.

Loan from the SNZ Conference Resource Library or purchase from Amazing Facts.

Evangelism School 2009

DVD of seminars carried out at the Evangelism School conducted by the SNZ Conference in 2009.

Loan from the SNZ Conference Resource Library.

The Empowered Church
(Seminar Kit)

Loan from the SNZ Conference Resource Library or purchase from Amazing Facts.

Prayer Connections ... to God Friends Document  (2MB)

A three step plan for reaching out in evangelism through prayer.

Evangelism Outreach

Title Description

Revelation Seminar

Revelation for presenters of an evangelism series. Contains synchronizing software: the presenter’s notes are on the computer screen, graphics are on the main screen. 24 sermons.

Loan from the Conference Resource Library (Purchase Student Kits from the Conference Office.)

His Way of Hope
(DVD Seminar)

26 ready to preach evangelistic sermons with powerpoint slides, or as a DVD.

Purchase from Good Salt / Share Him Ministry.

WIN – Health Evangelism
(DVD Seminar)

WIN! is a blending of the health message with family ministry in a Gospel setting including an introduction to Biblical doctrines.  WIN! gives instruction on physical, spiritual and relational health.  It is an exciting evangelistic ministry—new, unique, interesting, fun and easy to present.  This total wellness approach is recommended for evangelists, health ministries, family ministries, women’s ministries, community services, and qualified lay presenters.  Its dimensions include 3 spheres:  Mind/Spirit, Body and Relationships.  It has 21 life-changing presentations with dynamic PowerPoint graphics.

Loan from the Conference Resource Library or purchase from Win Wellness.

CHIP – Coronary Health Improvement Project (Seminar)

CHIP is a community-based, lifestyle medicine education program designed to empower its participants to reverse and prevent common killer diseases and to maximise health through simple lifestyle changes. With clinical results published in 11 peer-reviewed medical journals CHIP is without peer as a community-based lifestyle intervention program.

For more information visit (You must complete training before you can present this seminar)

Depression Recovery
by Dr Nedley

Depression is reversible! Dr Nedley’s Depression Recovery Program has successfully helped many patients, through both an outpatient clinic and a 10-day residential program.

For more information visit (You must complete training before you can present this seminar)

New Prophecy Seminar 
by Neale Schofield

An exciting study of the prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation.

Loan from the Conference Resource Library


Title Description

Discovering Your God-Given Gifts
by Don & Katie Fortune

This book will enable every believer to discover his gifts so that he can better serve God among the body of believers where he is involved.

Loan from the Conference Resource Library or purchase from New Millennium Books.

Spiritual Gifts: Keys to Ministry
by Jonathan Kuntaraf & James Zackrison
Document  (1.2MB)

Discover how your church can grow through understanding, identifying and using spiritual gifts.

Creating a Disciple Making Church
by Russell Burril

All materials needed (including teachers and participants workbook and powerpoints) to create a disciple making church.

Student Manual            Teacher Manual            PowerPoint Slides  (3.8MB)         PowerPoint Slides 

Pathways to Discipleship

A resource to ignite commitment to make disciples for Jesus.


Reach Across

Healthy Adventist Churches - Calling all churches to be accountable to being and planting places of health and growth, as we reach across to each other in the church family, embracing our unity and diversity, discipling, nurturing, building community relationships, improving structure and being involved in church life.

Accountable Stewardship - Challenging our churches/institutions to become self-supporting through vibrant stewardship programs, regular auditing, strong internal control and good governance.

Church Health

Title Description

The ABC’s of Natural Church Development

In just 20 minutes you can discover the most important principles of church development as they relate to every Christian and every church.

Loan from the Conference Resource Library or purchase from the Conference Office.

Natural Church Development – the whats? whys? and hows?
Powerpoint  / Document 

This powerpoint seminar will give you a brief run down on how participating in a NCD church survey will help you to:

  • Unite your church
  • Give focus to your church
  • Channel limited resources where they would do the most good
  • Assist leaders to act in a way that will help their church and not harm it
  • Identify your church’s strengths
  • Highlight your church’s weaknesses, obstacles and/or opportunities
  • Give some significant clues about the church’s ‘back door’ that needs to be closed
  • Take your church from copying other church models to co-operating with God’s unchanging and unchangeable principles
  • Help your church become more balanced in its ministry
  • Help your church become more caring, giving, praying, gift-based and need-oriented, etc.
  • Bring about the change a church really needs without causing the fallout usually associated with change

Waking the Dead
by Russell Burrill

Eighty percent of all Adventist churches in North America have plateaued or are declining. But just as the sick can regain their health through diet and exercise, so feeble congregations can, by taking radical action, begin to grow again. Church growth expert Russell Burrill explains how.

Loan from the Conference Resource Library or purchase from New Millennium Books.

Church Planting

Title Description

Why Plant
Powerpoint  (1.6MB) / Document 

This powerpoint seminar looks at why church planting is essential in New Zealand.


Title Description

Family Finance Seminar NZ 2011
Powerpoint(19MB) / Document(11MB)

Worldwide economic conditions have caused financial stress to numerous families and individuals. A study of the Bible reveals principles for money management and family finance. This powerpoint seminar will assist you.

Pastoral Role in Stewardship
by Ben Maxson

Pastors have varying attitudes about stewardship. Some focus strongly on church finances and member giving. Others avoid the subject completely. Whatever the attitude, the role of the pastor is crucial for stewardship. It is comprehensive and an integral part of pastoral ministry. A biblical approach to stewardship as an integrated part of ministry is an important part to pastoral success. So let’s explore the role of the pastor in stewardship education.

Strategic Church Finances
by Ben Maxson

Stewardship is a lifestyle and a ministry. In fact the lifestyle cannot be implemented without an effective stewardship ministry. This ministry must be comprehensive and deeply spiritual.

This seminar does not attempt to cover all the elements of a stewardship ministry. Instead, we will focus primarily on exploring a strategic approach to church finances that is built on a solid understanding of biblical stewardship.

Lordship and Family Resources
by Ben Maxson
This seminar is prepared as the Family Resource Module for the Family Life Certification plan. It presents the biblical models for helping people grow as faithful stewards in partnership with God, and how to integrate stewardship principles into daily living. It explores stewardship as a focus on making disciples—on integrating the Lordship of Jesus Christ into our lifestyles.

Christian Time Management
by Jean-Luc Lezeau
We present this document to you that it may help you become a good Christian steward of time. We are certainly not going to provide you with magic formulas, but simply present a working manual that will elaborate on this rich concept. We would, above all, like to combine time management and sanctification, which is growth in God.

Offertory Readings
by Dick Hanson
Readings that can go along with the announcement of the weekly Sabbath offerings. SNZ Conference Website

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